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For three weeks, tension had rose in Kwamwelo village. This struggle was affiliated to a trench whose sole purpose is to transport water to a bigger channel at the side of the road.In his early thirties, a young man four feet in height had vowed to frustrate tranquility within the province.

Alachy, for that he was called under the incitement of his kindred procured to (fend off) prohibit people from pouring anymore water from this community trench.

As a matter of fact whoever fell prey to the deceit of courage attempting to dispose water was often chastised or at times released at the mercy of deride.

This was proudly executed with an aid of a reliably presumable grotesque scowl face.

Alachy had succeeded in constructing his home which stood plump facing his childhood home. Just abreast the latter was the famous trench enclosed in a grove of homes thus crowding the area.

His household argued that other people took delight in dumping debris in a trench as well as human waste which blocked the flow of water. They happened to be closest to the trench hence were most affected with the stench of stagnant contaminated water, let alone bitten most by the egregious mosquitoes.

One afternoon, the sky turned grey and the nimbus clouds cuddled in enormous clusters boldly overshadowing traces of the sun lustres. The sky let out a querulous thunder as well as flashes of light before a brusque uproar pour of rain came tumbling to thrust the earth and swelled the trench

After hours, the rain subdued. A chilled air had put Alachy in a jolly warm mood. Something hardly ever seen. Perhaps it was the love of a woman that had touched his hard heart transforming him from the inside out. Such envisage was reflected when he smiled from the eyes forming benign facial features.

It was not mistaken. The way he caressed her shoulder and spoke to her softly, she blushed and shied. Reluctantly withdrawing her hands from his. Tender eyes wondered off from their prized jewel only to take a glimpse of a young Jolie holding a pail of water walking towards the trench two yards away.

Abruptly, his demeanor adopted a hideous bitter truculent mood. He started clamoring in a tremulous voice to the young girl. leaving his beloved behind, “gwe…….gwe…….gwe” he cried as he ran towards Jolie.

To his dismay, as soon as he approached, with blatant impudence Jolie let out the water in a trench. Furious and overwhelmed, Alachy was left in a dilemma. “This girl had displayed unfeigned insolence” he thought and continued,”and definitely deserved a beating”. “If I dare to lay a hand on her, I’ll have to face the big man but I don’t want to be caught in cross fire with him, who knows what he’s capable of”

Still in turmoil and anger, he involuntarily grabbed the pail away from her. Jolie on the other hand just walked away silently but confident triumphant in the fact that she was immune to Alachy’s threat because the poor guy was simply afraid of her dad.

Well, her cards were played right. For about an hour or so, Alachy met Jolies brother and handed him the pail he’d confiscated.


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