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When I was younger a friend of my mom’s came to have lunch with us. She was beyond impressed that she actually asked my mom for a recipe. In buganda a saying goes that he who has not been exposed enough will say that his mother is the best cook, well in this case allow me to defy it and say that when it comes to cooking malakwang, my mom ranks the best.


malakwang tree in a compound

Malakwang  is a vegetable that was first planted in Acholi in the northern part of Uganda around people’s compounds. Since in Uganda it must have been a norm for each home to own a garden and rear  poultry. This delicacy then spread ground in other parts of Uganda in the east.  It is rather a bitter sauce which was discovered during the drought periods since it could withstand harsh weather.

When my mom’s friend came back to give her feedback, it was rather hilarious. My mother burst in to laughter at the imagination of her friend’s family’s discontent on her brand new try out delicacy which tuned out to be a disaster. The more she narrated her miserable epic fail, the more every body else laughed. None had the nerves to eat millet bread (akalo) with sour sauce. When she had lunch with us the sauce was rather a relish that had left a desiring mark in her tummy, what went wrong then.



peanut paste in a bowl

One needs peanut paste of good quality. You could get it from the supermarkets, markets or any favorite shop. If your not certain then make it yourself at home. Buy raw peanuts and heat them in a saucepan over a moderate fire as your stiring to avoid getting them burnt but make sure they are brown when the top cover peels off. You remove the peelings by gently rubbing them on your hands. Grind the peanuts either traditionally with two grinding stones,the modern way of grain milling or using mortars and pestles.motar

Malakwang leaves which are plucked from the its stalk are placed in the a clean saucepan and boiled with water for 40 minutes just to make sure that it is softened. Put it aside and let it cool.

Meanwhile get your peanut in a bowl and add water to it, mix it and make all the  peanuts dissolve in water to make a  not so thick substance.

With available kitchen cutlery separate the boilled   leaves from its sour water. Pour out the latter you don’t need it anymore. With your hand press the leaves together to be certain that its water is all out.

In a different saucepan place your malakwang leaves and to it add the paste and salt. Take caution not to let the peanut dregs (peanut particles) in the sauce pan. Stir what you’ve put in the saucepan so as to amalgamate. Then heat it for 15 minutes and VALOR.

The measurements depend on the number of people your cooking for, but let you sauce have a thick texture with usage of more peanut paste to replace the sour water you got rid of. Don’t be like my mother’s friend who displayed cookery disaster and the family starved.

With a diet like this, you are working towards a natural method of reducing disease and enhancing your immune system. Since malakwang is a green leaf, like it many are rich in fiber, folic acid, magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. This diet diminishes risks of cancer and heart disease. In short you’ll be a wealthiest person in terms of health.