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what to eat after a day’s fast

During a fast, it’s health to break a fast with soft edibles as imagesfruit or salad meals for each day as your breaking meal. You could also take in juice.One ought not to consume neither too hot or too cold liquids, they should be at room temperature. Diary products as plain yogurt  is good after fruit juice because it contains good bacteria that helps rejuvenate your metabolic system. In  a way as well helps the entrails to recover from a fast, you could start with fruits such as mangoes, watermelon, pear, peach and vegetables as lettuce, cabbages,  spinach,rocket leaves etc.

Even though you crave more than that, bear in mind that during the process of fasting a reduced enzyme production occurred and affected the mucus linen in your stomach and caused it to shrink. when hard food rich in processed sugar and salt, starch, fats are consumed immediately after fasting, it’s more likely to cause nausea, headaches,diarrhea and stomachaches.

PAINEFruits have to be consumed in small portions at a time to allow the body to get used to food once again. Very soon you’ll be pumped up and off to other activities after having a hearty meal all together.



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Here’s a dish that will make you look no further but drool over with amazement. perhaps those whose origin is northern,  the eastern and the western Uganda understand this better. Tribes like Iteso, Banyoro , Bakiga,  Bagwere, Lugbara and so on. A kalo as it commonly known is a traditional delicacy with tremendous wealth in nutrition worth of relish. This ancient cuisine (millet floor) is millet flo considered to be delicious when cassava flour is added to it in a ratio of 1:3 (cassava flour: millet floor). Cassava floor is meant to bring out the steaming sticky and  soft texture from a maroon reddish bulbous elastic ball of a meal. It in different colors though after a mixture. Millet bread sits high on the nutritional table.

Millet floor is extracted from dried millet grains by either traditional means of grinding it with a pair of smooth stones or the modern way of grain milling. GRIN

Millet floor is patiently prepared using water, mingling stick, fire, and a saucepan. Initially water is boiled to the simmering point, then the mixture of floor is added to the boiling water and stirred incessantly until it all turns to a bulging flawless maroon reddish sighted  ball of a steaming meal stirred to acquire a circular shape.

Traditionally  it was then put in a basket sprinkled with raw floor so as to prevent the cooked item from sticking to the walls of of the basket, or today you could place it on a clean plate and serve it with the sauce of your choice. Though I would recommend beef and chicken stew, malakwang, beans and finally ggobe.  yey

This meal is now gaining prominence in many Ugandan restaurants around the city, guess they discovered the taste and decided to include the meal of our ancestors to the menus. A delicacy once crucial in traditional ceremonies such as weddings, naming of children has now thrust it’s way to the docile hearts and bellies of inhabitants of Kampala.